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Play all kind of sounds with the app where people upload sounds everyday.

With Soundrs you can discover, search, create and share millions of sounds that will enrich your conversations with friends and family. Sounds from movies, tv, music or animals direct in your device, ready to enjoy them.

Sounds of farts, animals, important people, the last movies, that popular TV program and other simple sound effects. Everything ready to express yourself in your conversations in social networks and communication apps.

But if you want to go further, you can register for free and start to record, edit, cut and publish your own 10 seconds long sounds that will be used for million of people around the world.

Search by any word and find the perfect sound that fit with the moment.

Discover which are the most reproduced and shared sounds around the world.

You will be able to share every sound with your friends in your favourite communication apps.

Log in to Soundrs and be able to create your own sounds. You can select a piece of audio from a file in your device or you can record an audio and upload it so everybody can listen and share it.