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Hallo!, ich heiße Ayoze

Ich bin Solution-Entwickler und ich liebe es, kleine Ideen in große Anwendungen, die in der ganzen Welt genutzt werden, zu umzuformen.


Sie dürfen es nicht verpassen...

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OWASP security checklist in mobile apps 2016

Security have become an important part of everyone’s life. And, when we talk about online security, everything have changed a little bit since Snowden leaked all the information and documents about the fact that we have been being observed for the USA government and the NSA. Now, the people are worry a little bit more about their privacy, but what hasn’t changed a lot is the worry of the people about their security online. Weiterlesen




OWASP Top ten vulnerabilities

When we as developers make our magic building a piece of software, either a big or a small piece, there are a few priorities to make the software robust. Such things like maintainability, testability or security should be a must in every project. So here I want to present you the top ten vulnerabilities from OWASP in this 2016. Unlike the checklist of vulnerabilities, this top ten points some general security risks. This list is update every 2 or 3 years. I accompany each vulnerability with a link with more information about that vulnerability in the 2014’s list. Weiterlesen

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