Hello. If you’ve come here is because you want to know a little more about me. I wont let you down.

I am Ayoze Perez Rodriguez, and as my name suggests, I’m from the Canary Islands. Yes, it’s a name from the Spanish archipelago, but do not worry, you can call Ayo -exactly, like the song-. As I say, I was born and raised in Gran Canaria. There I had the opportunity to study a Higher Education of Multi-platform Applications Development, where I acquired the basic knowledge to start programming Android applications and web pages.

In my fist year studying, at 22 years old, I became interested in entrepreneurship. With my limited skills as a programmer, and hardly without know how to run a project, I tried to develop my first idea. “Quavloud” pretended to be a website where musicians could find bands and viceversa, also through it could hire bands for event and even the web would help you write songs. While I was developing the idea I was selected to participate in the program Yuzzhere you can see an interview in Spanish that they made me-. In it I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and programming. Finished the program I decided to abandon the project and be focus on further learning.

A year and a half later, I completed my education and got my the title of Higher Technician in Multi-platform Applications Development. And although I still had much to learn, I began what would be my biggest project until now, “Scores”. I met with my good friend Joel Rodríguez Alemán and together we created the company Rising, and started the development of our first product.

“Scores” was an application for musicians from which you could access to an online sheet music shop and acquire any score of the catalog that included the application. Once acquired they were downloaded on the device and the musician could handle it without having to turn any page. He had three ways to do this: the first was to manually sliding your finger across the screen to view the contents of the score. The second was by the metronome. The user choose the speed and the content was showing following the metronome. And the third was through the microphone of the device. The application was able to recognize what the musician was playing and move the score to which the musician could concentrate on read and play.

After a year working and once we got finishing the application, we began to realize that we had made some mistakes in the business analysis – we were both developers -, and after a few months we conclude the development, abandon the application and close the company.

After months in which I continued learning on my own, I emigrated to Germany and got a job as Android developer in the company Favendo. I spent there three great years learning a lot with a great team. But after a few months where things didn’t get as expected, I changed. Now, in TDSoftware, I continue the adventure trying to expand my horizons in developing and continue learning everyday surrounded by nice and smart people. 

In addition to all that, my free time has allowed me to try new things. And trying I have failed to release new product to the public, but I have also achieve that one of those projects see the light. Soundrs is the result of many hours of planing and development that now enjoy hundred of people.