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My experience trying to hide some API Keys in Android

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Security should be a thing. An important thing actually. But I, as many other app developers, only know some basics. More common sense that real expertise. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not worry about the security of the app I work on, and that’s why I come here to write a bit about my tries hiding some API keys from others. I tell you my case.

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Why I gave up with Realm

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I remember that once I felt with the world at my feet. I felt able to do everything. I was using Realm as local database for my Android site project apps. And I felt like that all the people who don’t use it were really wrong. But it was just a bubble. Nice but fragile. And after a lot of headaches the bubble bursted.

Disclaimer: In this post I don’t want to give the feeling that I don’t like Realm or that it isn’t a good database. I will just tell you in a few lines my experience and why, after more than a year using it I gave up and started to use another local database for my projects. I’m probably more guilty of the headaches than Realm

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Security audits in mobile devices (III)

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Ok, ok, I know. It has passed almost a month since the last post. But you know, holidays, new year, a cold winter… but I’m here again to conclude this serie about the security audits in mobile devices. In part 1 we saw what were the requirements that we need before start with the audit. In part 2 we actually started with the audit and saw some of the phases of an audit. In this last part we will see the last phases of an audit.

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Security audits in mobile devices (I)

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A few months ago I enjoyed my first online course. The topic? Security. Specifically, mobile devices security. More specifically, mobile devices security audits. As an Android developer I’m really concerned about security, not only as a developer, also as a user. And because I think that what I learned there can interest you I will try to explain it here. Probably it is too much content for only one post so I will divide it in two or three parts.


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OWASP 2016 checklist in mobile apps

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Security have become an important part of everyone’s life. And, when we talk about online security, everything have changed a little bit since Snowden leaked all the information and documents about the fact that we have been being observed for the USA government and the NSA. Now, the people are worry a little bit more about their privacy, but what hasn’t changed a lot is the worry of the people about their security online.

People don’t want to be worried about security. Should be the companies and developers who must have always an eye in give the best in security to the user.

With the purpose to serve as a reminder to companies, has been created the OWASP project. To help companies and developers to don’t forget some aspects of the online security.

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