Introduction to Soundrs

Introduction to Soundrs

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With this post I want to introduce you to one of my side projects. This introduction will serve to explain what the project consists of, how long I have been working on it and why I started to work specifically this idea.

I will try to be very general in my posts and probably will not write only about programming, although right now it is a big part of what I am doing so it takes up all my time dedicated to the application.

Project explanation

I started Soundrs as a side project of a side project. I was working in a side app (I’m still working on this app, you will know more about it in the future) when I thought in a cool future that this app could have. So I tried to find an API that gave me what I wanted, small sounds. But I couldn’t find it. In that moment I could just forget about this feature and continue with the development, but I choose the excited option and I started to plan an app for that. And the result is Soundrs, an app where the user can see a bunch of small sounds, never longer than 10 seconds. They can share this sounds, they can play this sounds, they can use this sounds as notification tone and the most important, they can upload new sounds.

With this project I pretend to create a huge databank of millions and millions of sounds that grows every second and that everybody around the world can use with the app or with the open Rest API for developers.

The cool thing is that, being user and uploading a new sound, this will be available for everybody in a few seconds.

I take the weekends, when I have time, to work in this project. I have been already more than 6 months working in the app, but as a good side project, I have learn and try a lot of new stuff that otherwise I could not learn or try.

My estimations are that the app will be available for Android and iOS for christmas, a perfect date to share with friends and family many different sounds that this special celebration bring around the world.

I will be giving more details about the app in the coming weeks. You can follow the latest updates and information about the app in its blog

This week

As I said, I mainly work in this app then I have time on the weekends. So now that the weekend is close to finish I can tell you some things I have made.

The Android version is already in open beta, but there are some changes that I should do. But before do this changes I don’t want to be one more day without unit and UI tests in the app. So I’m spending some time creating tests that cover all the aspects of the app.

For the unit testing I’m mostly using mockito. And because I follow a MVP pattern in my code, the logic is easy to test. But there are a lot to test, so it takes time.

I haven’t started yet with the UI Testing, and I don’t know yet if I will use Espresso or Robolectric. Will tell you soon.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here I left some links with interesting information about Espresso and Robolectric



And an interesting article about testing:

I have had the focus this weekend in the iOS version. It’s not finished yet. I’m still learning while developing how iOS works. So I have been pretty excited this weekend working in the login screen of the app. Soundrs allow the user login through Facebook and by using username/email + password.

To make it everything a bit easier I’m using Parse as a backend. I let you here some information about Parse.

I choose it mainly because it’s pretty easy to use and not really expensive. I will talk you deeply about the backend in a future post.

Total number of sounds

I will end every post with the current status of the sounds database. The database is always growing although I’m the only one who really add new sounds to it. The count is currently in 137 sounds. My goal is to have at least 1.000 sounds when I release the app.

Thanks for read until the end. I hope you have enjoyed and that you have been stung by curiosity to read me again in three weeks. Until then.